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How Do You Choose the Best Marketing Consultant?

Friday, July 10th, 2009

by: Geoff Ficke

In my life I have never attempted to repair an automobile. I have no facility for mechanics, no interest in fixing things and no curiosity about what makes engines tick. I have simply recognized my limitations as a backyard mechanic and take the wounded vehicle to professionals for proper care.

Most people are similarly limited in certain skill areas, while gifted in others, much like me. My career as a Marketing Consultant and Consumer Product Development specialist has introduced me to 1000’s of potential clients. Most have never undertaken the challenges inherent in Marketing a new product or service, or starting a new business. They often recognize that they need help, but they often need to ask: what is the best way to uncover the right consultant for a specific project?

Here are several tips for securing talent that will save your project time, mistakes and money when choosing a Marketing Consultant:

  • Meet Face-to-Face
  • Look at their work product, PR, past strategies, designs
  • Ask about the products they have launched themselves
  • Ask about patents they might have owned
  • Only deal with specialist firms-if you have a consumer product, do not hire an agronomist or civil engineering consultant
  • Have they won industry awards
  • References are nice, but really, who gives bad references
  • Quality Consultants are Fee Based, discover pertinent fees
  • Make sure they will sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)
  • After signing the NDA, describe your concept, prototype, etc.
  • What specific, off-the-cuff strategies does the consultant propose
  • Do the strategies proposed seem cogent, offer fresh perspective

After conducting the above due diligence, repeat the process with at least two more candidates. Keep notes, even record the meetings. Do not allow any high pressure, walk if this occurs. Then collate your thoughts, confide in trusted advisers and weigh the best features of each firm. The choice will be most obvious in every case.

Duquesa Marketing Engaged to Launch New Cosmetic Accessory Product

Friday, July 10th, 2009

 Press Release

For Immediate Release

Contact: Geoff Ficke


Duquesa Marketing Engaged to Launch New Cosmetic Accessory Product

MakeUpMiser® Offers Consumers Two Powerful  Benefits in One Custom Designed Economical Unit

Florence, KY  International consulting firm, Duquesa Marketing, announced today that it has been retained to complete product development, and create sales and marketing strategies for the fall 2009 launch the MakeUpMiser®.

“The MakeUpMiser is a multi-use, multi-featured, multi-benefit product that addresses several basic, but annoying problems that confronts consumers of cosmetic creams and lotions with each use of these products”, said Geoff Ficke, President of Duquesa Marketing. “The MakeUpMiser is like many successful products in that the design is understated, the cost is low and the benefits are delivered in an elegantly simple manner that consumers will appreciate and value”.

“I created the MakeUpMiser to address the problems that I experienced daily in my work as a professional medical esthetician”, said Michelle Phillips, President of Lancaster, PA based MakeUpMiser. “I often heard my clients complain about extending the life of expensive products we sold and of their concern for controlling the growth of bacteria in products. I needed the best marketing consultants I could find to present my product to the world, and I believe that I have found the perfect partner in Duquesa Marketing”.

“MakeUpMiser is deceptively simple”, said Nancy Ficke, General Manager of Duquesa Marketing. “The genius of MakeUpMiser is that it delivers so much benefit, savings and safety at such a low price and in such a simple form”.

Duquesa Marketing has over 35-years experience, specializing in consumer product development, sales and marketing. The Company has launched products in all distribution channels in the United States and internationally.