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Wall Street Journal Opinion Page May 21, 2011 – We Can Learn From RomneyCare, Romney Should, Too

We Can Learn From RomneyCare; Romney Should, Too

by: Geoff Ficke

I, like the Wall Street Journal, am disappointed and vexed by the approach Mitt Romney has chosen to defend the indefensible relating to his authorship of RomneyCare during his term as Governor of Massachusetts. We agree that he should have long ago admitted the plan was a mistake. In addition, Mr. Romney should have positioned the failure of the program as a Test Market, the results of which were available for other states and the Federal Government to examine before going all in on a mandated, centralized bureaucratic boondoggle.
Every business, mine as well as Bain & Co.,  which Romney managed and is a major part of his attractiveness as an alternative candidate, utilizes Focus Groups and Test Markets to vet products or services before rolling out to broader markets. RomenyCare was a Test Marketed program that has not contained costs and has caused doctors to flee the system. This is the opposite of a successful outcome. His response should have been “we tried, we tested, it didn’t work, I have learned the lesson and here is Plan B”. Many Test Markets fail, or provide evidence that allows for changes in design or strategy before a small mistake becomes a tidal wave of loss. People instinctively understand this.
Mitt Romney is one of the most experienced, capable and attractive candidates for President in many years. However, his window of opportunity has been closed by his inability to relate the real legacy of RomenyCare through sound business principles that made him interesting and so different from career politicians in the first place. His tin ear, and limits as a candidate are disappointing.

What is exponentially more problematic, is that President Obama and his acolytes have not studied the Massachusets programs disastrous results and have blindly extended the mess to the nation.