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Murphy Underwear Retail Launch Set for Upcoming Magic Show in Las Vegas February 13-15, 2012

Monday, January 2nd, 2012

Duquesa Marketing

Press Release

For Immediate Release

January 2, 2012

Contact:  Geoff Ficke

Murphy Underwear Retail Launch Set for Upcoming Magic Show in Las Vegas February 13-15, 2012

Unique Advance in Comfort and Confidence Features MX-P Anti-Microbial Moisture Barrier Technology

Hattiesburg, MS    Boyd Murphy, creator of Murphy Underwear announced today that his line of luxury men’s briefs and boxer briefs will be introduced at the Magic Show, Las Vegas Convention Center, February 13-15, 2012. Magic Show is the premiere trade expo for male fashion and accessory products.

“Murphy Underwear is excited to announce that our advanced comfort and confidence inspired products will be launched at this February’s Magic Show”, said Mr. Murphy. “As designers of a true luxury product we wanted to launch at a show known for presenting the finest in male fashion and grooming products and that defines what the Magic Show is all about”.

“We advised our client Murphy Underwear that the Magic Show was the best possible American venue for introducing their line”, said Geoff Ficke, President of Florence, KY based Duquesa Marketing, managing consultants for the Murphy Underwear project. “The products have so many upscale comfort, design, and new barrier technologies that we are confident the discriminating Magic Show attendees will recognize these unique features and benefits and offer Murphy Underwear to their customers”.

Murphy Underwear features their proprietary MX-P Anti-Microbial Moisture Barrier Technology. Pricing, sales promotion and value sets will be announced at the Magic Show. The product will be available in three designer colors, and two styles: briefs and boxer briefs. The Company is in the process of assembling Manufacturers Rep sales coverage on an exclusive territorial basis.

Duquesa Marketing Newsletter – December 2011

Monday, January 2nd, 2012

Adapt to Changing Business Climate & Prosper

or Get Left Behind & Perish

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Duquesa Quote of the Month:
“Diligence is the mother of good luck.”


 - 16th century proverb

Tip of the Month:
When selling, marketing, seeking investment or licensing opportunities, it is crucial to avoid taking shortcuts. This diminishes you and your project. The marketplace always culls out those that take the easy way.

 Recently, the unbelievable pace of change the world business climate is undergoing has been reconfirmed. Visionary fashion designer Liz Claiborne died and her Company announced that it would sell or close 16 divisions. And, pioneering retailer Leslie Wexner announced that his firm, Limited Brands, Inc. would put up for sale the Limited and Limited Express chains.

The nature of retail, like most other industries, has undergone radical change. Big box category killers like Staples and Best Buy have evolved into dominating international success stories. Tesco, WalMart and Carrefours offer enormous scale, one stop shopping unimaginable a generation ago. Specialty retailers such as Wet Seal, Aeropostiale, Abercrombie and Fitch, L’Occitaine and Talbots attack specific niches.

Consolidation, bankruptcy and liquidation have allowed fewer and fewer national department store and supermarket chains. Macy’s has consolidated nationally after absorbing numerous regional department store chains such as Lazarus, Bullocks, Burdines and Marshall Field. W.T. Grant, Montgomery Ward, AyrWay, Venture and Gold Circle are only a few examples of once strong groups that no longer exist.

The Limited began in 1963 as a single clothing store in Columbus, Ohio. Leslie Wexner saw an opportunity to create an amazing retail growth story by replicating designer clothing designs, mass producing offshore and selling tailored business clothing to the rapidly emerging population of female businesswoman. He became a billionaire by leveraging and extending The Limited to numerous additional store brands including Limited Too, Victoria’s Secret, Henri Bendel and Bath and Body Works.

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Duquesa Marketing Newsletter – November 2011

Monday, January 2nd, 2012

DUQUESA MARKETING NEWSLETTER                November 2011

Make Your Passion for Fun a Key Part When Seeking New Product Opportunities


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Duquesa Quote of the Month:

“Profile and contour are the touchstone of the Architect. Hence he reveals himself as artist or mere engineer”.
Le Corbusier,

Swiss Architect (1887-1965)


Tip of the Month:

 ”As you only get one chance to make a Great first impression, be sure that when presenting yourself/product/project/

investment opportunity you have dressed all elements accordingly”.



Most people lead rather ordinary lives, built around family, job, church and hobbies. This is fine for most. The need to pay the bills leads many to engage in work that is unfulfilling, boring and stifling. That so many people work at energy sapping employment should be a motivating factor in seeking entrepreneurial opportunity. Sadly, most people are totally risk averse and eliminate themselves from the potential rewards available almost exclusively to entrepreneur.



The perceived risk taker (the entrepreneur) is, in actuality, not the real risk taker. The real risk taker is the person willing to work a dull job, for average pay, letting life fly by without ever knowing the excitement of being in the fray. This person leaves life without ever having made a mark. Looking back on a journey that did not include excitement, change and risk would seem to reflect an empty, unfulfilled life lived.


Entrepreneurs crave change, excitement, competition and risk, understanding that these are the defining hurdles to be overcome if success is to be achieved. The ability to test oneself against the overwhelming mass of competitive opportunities available in the marketplace is a narcotic to serial entrepreneurs. They might not always succeed, but they will always try.


Most new products are developed from an entrepreneur’s life experience. The hundreds of new product ideas I review each year are overwhelmingly skewed to hobby: pet, cosmetic, sporting goods and children’s products. And overwhelmingly, these offerings can be described as having a fun component.

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