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Duquesa Marketing Newsletter – November 2011

DUQUESA MARKETING NEWSLETTER                November 2011

Make Your Passion for Fun a Key Part When Seeking New Product Opportunities


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Duquesa Quote of the Month:

“Profile and contour are the touchstone of the Architect. Hence he reveals himself as artist or mere engineer”.
Le Corbusier,

Swiss Architect (1887-1965)


Tip of the Month:

 ”As you only get one chance to make a Great first impression, be sure that when presenting yourself/product/project/

investment opportunity you have dressed all elements accordingly”.



Most people lead rather ordinary lives, built around family, job, church and hobbies. This is fine for most. The need to pay the bills leads many to engage in work that is unfulfilling, boring and stifling. That so many people work at energy sapping employment should be a motivating factor in seeking entrepreneurial opportunity. Sadly, most people are totally risk averse and eliminate themselves from the potential rewards available almost exclusively to entrepreneur.



The perceived risk taker (the entrepreneur) is, in actuality, not the real risk taker. The real risk taker is the person willing to work a dull job, for average pay, letting life fly by without ever knowing the excitement of being in the fray. This person leaves life without ever having made a mark. Looking back on a journey that did not include excitement, change and risk would seem to reflect an empty, unfulfilled life lived.


Entrepreneurs crave change, excitement, competition and risk, understanding that these are the defining hurdles to be overcome if success is to be achieved. The ability to test oneself against the overwhelming mass of competitive opportunities available in the marketplace is a narcotic to serial entrepreneurs. They might not always succeed, but they will always try.


Most new products are developed from an entrepreneur’s life experience. The hundreds of new product ideas I review each year are overwhelmingly skewed to hobby: pet, cosmetic, sporting goods and children’s products. And overwhelmingly, these offerings can be described as having a fun component.

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